losingthechub (losingthechub) wrote in poor_ww,

Intro Post

Since I don't think I have ever introduced myself formally here, here goes. All through high school I hovered below 100 pounds because I was constantly on the move and eating fairly healthy. I did dance, track, anything you name it

Well I went to college and due to many things, dining halls, depression, lots of stuff, I gained the freshman 30! Now I just want to get down to about 110-115 because I think I pretty much looked my best at that weight

I started doing Weight Watchers at 135.5 and I went down to 125.5 pretty easily but then I started cheating hardcore and eating an insane amount of chips everytime I went near them. So I am recommiting myself to this so I can lose the rest of this weight and also get started on my running program again

Starting Weight: 135.5
Current Weight: 128.5
STGW: 125.0
LTGW: 110.0

Ok well enough babbling from me, everyone have a good day :)
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