. (rachellynne) wrote in poor_ww,

El Chico anyone?

I am REALLY craving mexican food and El Chico is one of the cheapest good places i know. I called the store to ask where I can get nutritional info (its not on the site) and they said I have to send in a comment on the website or call the 800 number, but nobody is there on weekends. So I was wondering - has anyone else already done this and can share the info? If not, I'm just gonna go, do the best guessing I can and then call money to tally up the damage. I have 18 points saved for dinner. I'm sure some enchiladas and chips wont go 35 points over the 18.

By the way - on top of the dining out companion, dietfacts.com is great (click restaraunts). It has a lot of places not mentioned in the dining out book (like olive garden) with points already tallied. It doesn't have the full menu of anywhere, but it gives you at least a few options from a lot of different places. And it arms you for what you don't expect. Did any of you know real chicken enchiladas from don pablos are 20 points? Sheesh!

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