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new challenges!

Hi all!

Hope you are all having a nice new year!

Below is information for new challenges (1 for weight, 1 for water, 1 for exercise) which will be ran:

We will be running a weight challenge which will run till March 29th. We have chosen this day as March 29th will be the start of Easter holidays.

The water challenge has the aim of helping us to drink 8 glasses of water per day. This challenge is measured by glasses drunk per week and will run through the length of the weight challenge.

The exercise challenge has the aim of helping us to be more active in ourselves. The challenge is measured by number of times exercised as compared to bonus points earned.

If you wish to be included in these challenges please email me stating which (or all!) you wish to be included in. The details I need for the challenges are:

1. Name you wish to be known by
2. Weigh in day
3. Current weight
4. Weight aimed for by end of challenge
5. Which challenge(s) you wish to take part in (weight / exercise / water)
6. Whether you wish your details to be known by other challengers
7. If you wish to go on the "fun" list (jokes etc)

Please email these details to

We also have 2 groups which you may wish to visit to chat and share results etc. I'd encourage you if you can to use the live journal group more than msn but thats totally up to you. The 2 groups are located at:

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Sb x
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